They are there to keep the hubs shiny and clean (it works, really).


You can on Ruut ST and AL models, not possible with Ruut CF. Always use and follow suitable child carrying equipment.


Yes, the rims and tires are tubeless ready. To convert you need to add tubeless tape, valve and sealant (none included with the bike purchase).


Not at the moment. It may be easier to convert your hubs to 15mm axle.


The new fork is lighter, uses 12mm axle (15mm on the oryginal), direct mount front caliper and has triple cage mounts instead of the low rider mounts. The fork chips are now easier to use and faster to switch from HI to LO position.


Yes, you can fit internally routed 27,2mm dropper post to Ruut CF. Just switch one of the cable ports for a double one to run dropper seatpost cable.


The original Ruut TwinTip fork (available on Ruut ST2 and AL2) is compatible with most low rider racks. The new TwinTip 2.0 fork (Ti, Cf, Al1, St1 models) is not suitable for racks but you can fit cargo cage to its triple mounts for extra carry capacity.


Yes, Ruut ST and Al have full set of rack mounts. Most standard rack will fit, we recommend a model with wide range of adjustment. If you wish to fit mudguards AND rack, you will have to use one dropout eyelet for both. We recommend to fit the rack first and add mudguard stays on the outside. Ruut CF is not suitable for rear racks.


Ruut CF is compatible with 2x drivetrain - with maximum 50/34 crankset. Ruut Al, St and Ti are compatible with 1x drivetrain only.


Yes, all Ruut models accept up to 700c x 38 and 650b x 47 tires with full fenders.


Yes, you can. Please refer to your equipment specific instructions for detailed information on how to attach your bike. You may need to chose specific axle adapter. Make sure it is compatible with 142x12 rear hubs and 12mm x 1.75 axle.


All goods purchased from BikeSmart, Inc., exclusive Rondo USA distributor, are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. The complete warranty policy, with answers to some commonly asked questions, can be found HERE. You should read the entire policy.