Rondo Warranty Information

All goods purchased from BikeSmart, Inc., exclusive Rondo USA distributor, are covered by the full manufacturer warranty and, generally speaking, warranties cover manufacturing faults and defects including poor workmanship.

Below, are some frequently asked questions, and answers, that can hopefully clarify any questions you may have. Please look through these before contacting us directly.

The following parts do not classify for warranty replacement: bearings, chains, chainrings, brake pads, tires, tubes, decals, saddle covers, grips. Damage to these parts is almost always a result of normal wear and tear, and they should be replaced by the user when they become worn out.

Wheel truing, lubricating, brake adjustment, drive train adjustment and other typical maintenance procedures are not covered by the warranty and must be conducted by a professional bicycle workshop at the cost of the customer.

The following types of damage does not qualify for warranty replacement: labor charges for replacing parts, paint and decals, problems that result from excessive loads occurring during extreme riding or from incorrect riding technique.

The general rule is that we will replace parts that are damaged due to normal riding (even if it's heavy duty riding). However, parts that are damaged due to crashing or user error will not be replaced. Damage resulting from this kind of total overload can be replaced under the Crash Replacement policy.

BikeSmart, Inc., exclusive Rondo USA distributor, will warrant all new bicycles against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years. If any defects are noticed in the bicycle, the customer must stop using the product immediately within 14 days


All Rondo products have a 3 year warranty warrants against defects in materials and workmanship.


We strongly discourage you from making any changes in the products for safety reasons. Remember that tampering with the products means that you are taking a big risk that the product will fail and you will hurt yourself seriously. This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork, or component.


Damage resulting from crashing won't be covered by the normal warranty, but we do offer the possibility to replace the product for 50% of the original suggested retail price. There are a few conditions:

  • BikeSmart, Inc. reserves the right to deny Crash Replacement without explaining our reasons.
  • Crash Replacement does not apply to parts damaged in other situations than riding.
  • Crash Replacement does not apply to complete bikes. It only applies to components made by Rondo that are mounted in the bikes.


Find the documents for your product. Read the warranty conditions, and decide if the problem could potentially be classified as warranty.

To get the fastest response, please complete the Warranty Claim Form below in full. Photos of the damage, serial number and original invoice are required for all claims. We will then contact you to tell you the next step to getting your issue resolved.


All goods purchased from BikeSmart, Inc., exclusive Rondo USA distributor, are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. If you did not purchase your bike from us, please contact the distributor that sold the product to you.


You can download a copy of the full warranty conditions for all Rondo products HERE.